Our values

Our values are a fundamental part of who we are. They reflect the way in which we interact with others and guide how we conduct ourselves, shaping what we do and how we do it.

Prioritising People

Mutual respect, practical support and personal connection are at the core of who we are. We put people first.


  • Ensure communication and feedback is always respectful and constructive
  • Are thoughtful and fair in our decision making
  • Commit to work / life balance and well-being: people matter; family matters
  • Care and show active support of each other, inside and beyond work
  • Create a positive environment as friendly, approachable, relatable people: we make time for each other
  • Create opportunities for team members to get to know each other beyond work
  • Celebrate work and personal achievements
  • Extend our prioritisation of people to our clients with a genuine concern for their needs

Driving Innovation

Our passion and dedication to learning and improvement equips us to take initiative, bring energy and continually innovate.


  • Are always learning with a proactive approach to self-improvement and knowledge sharing to help others grow
  • Encourage and support professional development, education and training
  • Commit to improvements, looking for new ways of doing things and better solutions
  • Are flexible and willing to do things differently: yes, we constantly adapt
  • Build clear processes for new ideas and initiatives
  • Create a safe space to learn from mistakes and ask for advice
  • Stay relevant and at the forefront of ideas

Embracing Diversity

We are purposefully diverse and create an environment that is inclusive for all.


  • Have team members from different backgrounds with a variety of skills and expertise
  • Are an equal opportunity employer and actively recruit from a broad range of disciplines
  • Value diversity in terms of personal characteristics such as age, gender, ethnicity, race, and physical ability.
  • Believe everyone’s contribution and opinions are valued
  • Commit to maintaining an environment that respects diverse traditions, heritages and experience
  • Draw on and incorporate unique contributions, divergent approaches, perspectives and thinking
  • Actively promote the benefits of diversity to achieve better outcomes

Building Collaboration

We foster an open, collegiate atmosphere to build agile teams and meaningful collaboration internally and externally.


  • Trust that others do their best internally and externally, and believe the best in each other
  • Are open, transparent and consultative around goals, challenges and decision-making
  • Structure work and teams in a way that drives collaboration
  • Are proactive in asking for support and offering help
  • Share knowledge and seek input before taking decisions
  • Keep our doors always open regardless of position
  • Listen and see things from others’ perspectives: everyone’s opinion matters
  • Create forums to regularly share information and updates on client work to encourage team input

Delivering Excellence

We draw on our strong expertise to deliver high quality work with integrity, professionalism and efficiency.


  • Know and do what is right.
  • Commit to outstanding technical and industry knowledge and being a market-leader
  • Ensure reliably high standards: we have the same quality of work across the company, no ‘luck of the draw’
  • Are hard-working, motivated, driven and ambitious
  • Take pride in, and personal ownership of, our work
  • Are diligent and honest, with a strong moral compass
  • Take consistent risk-assessed and robust, not intuitive, decision-making
  • Are pragmatic and commercially minded

Creating Impact

The decisions we make impact over 10m members of pension schemes. We seek to use this position, as well as our voice in the industry, to promote sustainability and drive responsible investment.


  • Are active in shaping and influencing debate in the industry and use our voice to drive change
  • Recognise our responsibility as the stewards of significant amounts of capital
  • Ensure ESG factors play a material role in our decision-making and are thoughtful about how they are applied
  • Represent the ambitions and goals of the next generation of scheme members