IGG is part of the Trustee Advisory Panel of the Pension Protection Fund (“PPF”), the government lifeboat for DB schemes, for both pre and post-insolvency work.

We have successfully taken more than 100 schemes through the PPF Assessment process, whether as a result of insolvency or a managed entry. We are very aware that this can be a distressing time for the members affected and we are used to delivering uncomfortable messages tactfully, but firmly.

A scheme entering assessment does not necessarily mean that the PPF will eventually take responsibility for it. We have managed to secure “better than PPF” outcomes for several schemes up to as much as 138% of PPF levels.

As well as acting as trustee for such cases we are also happy to assist trustee boards in a project management capacity without being formally appointed as a trustee.

Find out more about the PPF Trustmark here.

Key Contact

Helen Frisby

Trustee Director | Head of PPF

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