IGGiQ: transforming pension data analysis

At IGG we are revolutionising the way pension schemes use data. We are democratising access to data, transforming it from a compliance and reporting obligation into a powerful tool for making better decisions.

That’s why we’ve introduced IGGiQ.

IGGiQ is a platform that gives pension trustees access to data from multiple sources in real time. By logging on to IGGiQ, trustees can assess and analyse all relevant data – from portfolio costs and performance to sustainability and ESG impact. This equips trustees to engage with asset managers and other providers on equal terms.

The IGGiQ platform employs cutting-edge AI technology to turn complex natural-language queries into intuitive graphics and charts. This allows trustees to gain deep data-driven insights and form holistic views – helping them to make decisions that are swift, well informed and accurate.

IGGiQ also lets its users create bespoke dashboards tailored to their specific needs. This fosters collaboration and ensures that all stakeholders have access to the most relevant data in the format that suits them best.

This enhanced visibility gives trustees better oversight and control of their investments, liabilities and risks. Ultimately, IGGiQ offers enhanced transparency, improved governance and better financial outcomes for all scheme members.

Available modules

The first module for IGGiQ is ESG Insight. This shows a scheme’s asset allocation and supports more sustainable investment approaches. The module helps trustees and investment managers better understand and integrate ESG factors such as biodiversity, climate and alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, enhancing long-term outcomes for beneficiaries while ensuring transparency for all stakeholders.

As the pension market consolidates, having a coherent and consistent view of ESG metrics is essential. The ESG Insight module provides a baseline for all schemes, regardless of size or industry, facilitating collective action and informed decision-making.

Forthcoming modules

  • Funding monitoring: providing daily updates on funding position.
  • Collateral dashboard: assessing the collateral resilience of a scheme’s portfolio.
  • Risk monitoring and alerts: monitoring key metrics and providing notifications for significant changes.
  • Attribution analysis: delivering detailed insights into changes in funding positions.
  • Cost transparency: evaluating and benchmarking portfolio costs.

Impact Cubed

We are constantly looking to enhance scheme data through strategic partnerships. Impact Cubed provides the data that powers IGGiQ’s ESG Insight.

Impact Cubed’s data spans climate, people and nature metrics. Its commitment to evolving these metrics ensures that our datasets remain relevant as the ESG landscape evolves.

Key Contact

Vikram Chatrath

Trustee Director | Head of Funding Solutions & Analytics

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