IGGnite: Comprehensive governance for small schemes

We believe that every pension scheme, regardless of size, should have access to the best tools to manage the scheme well. So we have created IGGnite, a fresh take on governance designed specifically for smaller schemes.

How does IGGnite work?

Created for businesses looking to manage their pension schemes to the highest standard, IGGnite delivers the benefits of scale without the complexities and restrictions of a master trust. IGGnite is based on operational consolidation, rather than structural consolidation, with all participating schemes treated individually.

Schemes are brought together under a common trustee (“PCST”) and common set of independent advisers and service providers. Through this operational scale, schemes are managed efficiently and able to access high quality advice and investment solutions, plus first-class governance, at a competitive overall cost usually reserved for larger schemes.

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What are the benefits of IGGnite?

Delivers high quality governance, proportionate to small schemes.

Limits sponsor management time, whilst keeping the sponsor in ultimate control.

Achieves overall cost savings, delivered through an efficient operating model.

Provides members with access to market leading, tech enabled pensions management tools.

Provides sponsors with cost certainty and complete transparency.

Retains the ability to tailor the scheme’s journey plan to achieve strategic objectives.

Streamlines decision-making, with the potential to capture market opportunities.

Creates an integrated service model that ensures diversity of thought and approach is maintained.

Ensures best of breed and value for money delivered through high quality advisers and service providers.


How is IGGnite independent?

With IGGnite, sponsors retain greater control over their pension scheme, working with the trustee to agree the investment strategy and journey plan, whilst handing the day-to-day running and operation of the scheme to IGG. We deliver a wide scope of services for an agreed annual fixed fee.

A panel of leading, independent firms provide the full range of advisory and investment services to IGGnite schemes, with each firm carefully selected to deliver high quality, market-leading services.

We work with sponsors and advisers to agree strategic objectives for each scheme, whether buy-out or self-sufficiency, and regularly review (a) progress against the strategic objectives, and (b) whether the agreed strategic objectives remain appropriate.

Through our panel of fund managers, the IGGnite portfolio can access lower asset management fees across the board as well as innovative solutions that could otherwise be out of reach for small schemes.

To find out how IGG and IGGnite can help you and your scheme, please contact Mark Wileman.

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