The Chair of Trustees provides leadership, direction and guidance to the Board. They ensure the good governance of the pension scheme, the effectiveness of the board and a strong, productive working relationship with the scheme sponsor – all of which ensure the interests of the membership are well-served.

More than a third of our scheme appointments are as Chair of Trustees. We have first-hand experience of what is required to make the role of Chair a success:

  • Experienced professionals with strong leadership skills backed up by technical excellence
  • A consensus-driven approach based on open and transparent communication with all parties that gets the job done
  • Strong industry knowledge and the independence to bring in the best advisers for any role or project and hold them accountable
  • A wider team on hand to support the day-to-day work of the Chair, ensuring administrative tasks and responsibilities are executed skilfully and cost-efficiently.

In addition, we keep on top of changes and maintain a wide, up-to-date view of industry developments, as well as the different, often innovative, approaches other schemes are taking. We are proactive in bringing fresh ideas and thinking to the table, a core benefit of using a corporate professional trustee, especially as Chair.

“I would like to say how much I enjoyed working for you during your time as Chair of the Trustees … you were stunningly successful during a complex and stressful negotiation to settle the new pension arrangements. That you remained calm and controlled despite negotiations in the early hours was remarkable.”
Trustee, UK Pension Scheme

Key Contact

Rachel Croft

Trustee Director | Head of Co-Trusteeship

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