Our team of skilled professional trustees is there to make life more straightforward for employers and trustee boards. We are consensus driven and work with fellow trustees, employers and the scheme advisers collaboratively to ensure the interests of all parties are well served and their aims achieved.

We are appointed to a wide variety of schemes operating in a variety of sectors and industries, with a combined asset size of over £30bn. There is rarely anything that we have not come across before and we apply our collective experience to be proactive in bringing fresh ideas and new perspectives to our clients’ pension arrangements.

We are a people first business and put strong relationships at the heart of what we do. Pension schemes thrive when the Company, Trustees and advisers all work together in a co-ordinated manner and towards the common aim of safeguarding members’ benefits.

We have provided professional trusteeship for over ten years. Much has changed over that time and we have evolved continually so that clients keep one step ahead and always in line with best practice.

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Rachel Croft

Trustee Director | Head of Co-Trusteeship

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