The Pensions Manager plays a critical role in ensuring and safeguarding the good governance of pension schemes. However, increasing cost pressures mean many companies are not in a position to directly employ the necessary pensions expertise or resource to deal with issues in-house. This is where an outsourced pensions solution adds real value.

Our outsourced pensions manager services, provided by an independent and skilled team of specialists, support companies to manage their pensions arrangements cost-effectively. Whether it is a short-term project or a long-term appointment, we have the right individual or the right team for the task.

Our Pensions Manager support is agile and flexes around your specific requirements. We are able to provide strategic, high-level input or feet on the ground support to resource projects and either work remotely or in a company’s premises. All members of the team have the requisite qualifications and are familiar with the necessary controls and governance standards.

There are three key areas that mean an outsourced pensions manager solution has significant appeal for many businesses:

  • Experience – our team is comprised of individuals whose knowledge and practical experience is built on a variety of advisory and in-house roles. This collective experience ensures we know what works well for similar schemes, meaning we are well-placed to deal with any issue.
  • Depth – we believe in the right person for the right job at the right cost. We can assign an individual whose experience and approach most closely matches a client’s requirements; we can also flex in additional resource quickly to support large projects or complex initiatives should it be needed.
  • Cost efficiency – clients access the expertise of skilled pension managers without the overheads or the costs associated with using large pensions consultancies

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“Happy to listen, advise and challenge in equal measure but always in a collaborative style which I found perfect for what was required.”
Chair of Trustees, Large UK Defined Benefit Scheme

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Trustee Director | Head of Outsourced Governance Services

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