Conflict can sometimes emerge between the trustee board, the sponsoring employer and scheme adviser. Friction, where it occurs, often prevents effective decision-making and erodes good governance. At these times, IGG can act as an effective mediator.

We work closely with scheme sponsors, our co-trustees and advisers to support, help and manage the increasingly complex issues associated with the operation of pension schemes. This includes providing additional resource to resolve any relationship issues or deal with disagreements. We believe that workable solutions are best identified, and strong governance assured, when all parties work collaboratively.

We help clients by providing additional resource and expertise to manage conflicts and to support relationships on an interim, or ongoing, basis.


IGG are an enormously practical and extraordinarily experienced. In particular, they are extremely good at finding a consensual way forward, even when the key stakeholders are in conflict, to find that constructive agreement that works for everyone.

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IGG’s experience , as expected, is strong especially when it is valuation time or there are interactions with the Pension Regulator. By specifically bringing smart thinking around finding alignment with the employer and getting the best from our covenant adviser and lawyer.

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