Minimising and mitigating the risks associated with a pension scheme can help engender a positive result for scheme beneficiaries as well as for sponsors and other stakeholders.

Risk Transfer is the transfer of some – or all – of the risk associated with running pension schemes away from the scheme sponsor. Typically this is via an insurer through a buy-in, buy-out or longevity swap, but we also include superfunds and other ways of managing/reducing risk in a bulk manner.

We are the pre-eminent professional trustee firm in risk transfer transactions and lead  this area through over 15 years’ experience including many unique deals and innovative “firsts”. We provide the expertise to work in collaboration with the advisory team and sponsors to deliver a transaction. We are well placed to choreograph the advisory team in the most efficient and effective way to get a deal completed.

Through our market connections, we have our fingers on the pulse of the latest developments. We provide expertise on traditional and new insurance solutions, such as buy-in and buy-out, longevity swaps, captive buy-ins, superfund solutions and capital backed journey plan solutions.

Our input can include planning for risk transfer a few years ahead (including data and benefit work as well as asset strategy), post transaction data cleanse and work required to complete a wind-up including the management of all residual risks.

“The trustees at IGG have significant experience of risk transfer transactions, which they put to great effect by making effective decisions and bringing trustee boards with them.  During transaction processes, IGG always focus on the areas that will make a tangible difference.  All of this means that IGG trustees are nimble in capturing risk transfer opportunities for their pension schemes.”

Partner and Head of Risk Transfer

“As a firm we’ve worked with IGG on 2 risk transfer projects this year, on both employer side and trustee side, and in both cases, IGG were the key to unlocking the deals.

IGG demonstrate an impressive ability to work at speed, quickly building teams internally and externally that operate effectively together, allowing them to identify, and take, opportunities in the market.  They don’t have a one-man band mentality.

IGG have a proven track record of working on difficult cases and bring this deep knowledge of the industry to bear on finding solutions where there otherwise seem to be roadblocks.  This allows them to execute deals which capture value for members that otherwise might be lost – particularly vital in the PPF-plus buy-in they completed last year.

And importantly IGG are always fun to work with.  There is no stuffiness and no grandstanding allowed from advisers.  We are all part of the same team, pulling together for the members.”

Advisor, Partner at large UK Law Firm

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Akash Rooprai

Trustee Director | Head of Risk Transfer

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