We have launched our own sustainability charter to help focus industry attention on concrete actions that address systemic risks posed by issues such as climate change and biodiversity loss.

We recognise the actions we take affect the lives of over 10m members of pension schemes. The decisions we make on behalf of those members can have a significant impact and contribute to changes in the real world that mitigate these risks. We seek to use this position, as well as our voice in the industry, to promote sustainability, drive responsible investment and ensure that the long-term interests of members are best served.

Our responsible investment charter sets out how the firm works with its clients. IGG’s commitment to the investment industry are:

To members we promise:

  • To recognise that your money is invested for the long term and systemic risks like climate change, biodiversity loss and inequality pose real threats to the value of your pensions.
  • To be transparent in our approach to sustainability and the way in which your money is invested.
  • To use our influence and voice in the industry as a force for good and to drive material and wide-ranging change.

To advisors we ask:

  • To work alongside us to develop solutions and work through the roadblocks.
  • To be bold and help us to make actual change through new products, ideas and ways of assessing our portfolios.
  • To collaborate with fellow industry professionals, including asset managers to design common principles and approaches for assessing responsible investment.

To asset managers we ask:

  • To use your influence with the companies you invest in on our behalf to drive real world change.
  • To help us get the data, information and analysis we need to make informed decisions and improve our policies.
  • To collaborate with fellow industry professionals, including advisers and regulators to design common principles and approaches for assessing responsible investment.


Tegs Harding, Head of Sustainability said “We have a clear responsibility to our members to get this right.  As asset owners of significant amounts of capital, we play a pivotal role in the financial system and we are in a privileged position to able to drive real world change.  We do not take this role lightly and need to continually do more to challenge advisers and asset managers to make sure we are acting in the best interests of members.”

As a Mastertrust Trustee, Tegs is passionate about making a difference for pension scheme members. The Trustee lens that Tegs looks through is focused on member outcomes, looking at how the Mastertrust can do all that is possible to ensure members have a pension pot to support their retirement goals. To make this a reality, Tegs looks beyond regulations, using her wealth of technical knowledge to produce impactful member outcomes. For Tegs, scenario analysis and net zero commitments are not about calculated targets and goals monitored in reports, they are about understanding the risks to members and planning mitigation and activity to ensure they are minimised and member outcomes are maximised.


It is rare to find someone with the perfect combination of actuarial and pension technical ability, member empathy, and strong communication skills to interpret the complex world of investing for the benefit of individuals.

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Tegs Harding

Trustee Director | Head of Sustainability

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