Defined benefit (DB), or final salary, schemes, are an intrinsic part of occupational pension arrangements with over 5,000 such schemes in operation in the UK today.

Managing DB pension schemes, and particularly their governance and investment requirements, has never been so complex or pressurised. The landscape is changing continually, with layers of regulation and legislation introduced on a regular basis. Best practice across many aspects of scheme governance is evolving constantly.

The appointment of a professional trustee can help trustee boards and employers meet the significant demands of modern day pensions governance.

We are one of the UK’s leading providers of independent professional trustee and secretarial support services to DB pension schemes. We work with schemes of all sizes across the UK, and have a particular strength in working with schemes that have a sponsoring employer based overseas. We are widely viewed as a leader in our field and operate at the forefront of the standards in trusteeship.

We can operate as Chair of Trustees, Co-trustee or Professional Corporate Sole Trustee and our trusteeship is strengthened by a support services arm, which provides Scheme Secretarial and Pensions Management, including project management and governance solutions.

We understand pension schemes and know that solid and robust governance is fundamental to their success: good governance delivers good outcomes.

In addition to the extensive experience and knowledge they bring, IGG also set themselves apart by insisting on following a purely consensual approach on the basis that it will tend to draw together conflicting parties together and that that will make it much more likely that an agreement is reached that works for all concerned. On top of that, the whole IGG team also provided us with extremely valuable guidance and reassurance thanks to their significant experience across many similar schemes over many years

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